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“Whatever it takes”: Bolsonarism in confrontation with institutions

by | Apr 19, 2022 | Brasile | 0 comments

This was a busy weekend for Bolsonarism. Starting with the Daniel Silveira case, which is a real scandal. With an electronic anklet and all, he went to a party in Rio de Janeiro, which ended in confusion: a man was beaten by police after an argument. He, who had nothing to do with the incident, however, was harmed because he was in evidence. This is because, according to reports, the deputy lives in Petrópolis, where he is under house arrest, and is only allowed to go to Brasília, where he works as a congressman. The fact that he went to the party, as evidenced by images published in the national press, is a breach of the direct decision of the Minister of the Federal Supreme Court, Alexandre de Moraes. Evidently, there must be a new punishment.

This gentleman, Daniel Silveira, expressed that he might be released to the Senate, with the support of Bolsonarism, and he often shows himself faithful to the President of the Republic, with videos and statements to the press. And Bolsonarism really hits the institutions head on, trying to demoralize them.

Another example of this is the President’s motorcycle ride, which took place this weekend in São Paulo, and will take place in Rio Verde, here in Goiás, next Wednesday, April 20th.

This event, “Accelerate for Christ”, as it is called, cost, because of all the security apparatus that evidently must happen to protect the President’s life, one million reais – brazilian currency. In addition, it generated 34 km of traffic, and people were harmed in using the Bandeirantes highway to spend Easter with their family, for example.

Jornal O Globo reported that the businessman who organized the event received Emergency Aid from the government, totaling 5,700 reais – brazilian currency. This to show the nature of these Christians…

In the edition of the event that took place in 2021, the Transport Agency of the State of São Paulo claimed to have passed the toll 6,700 motorcycles, contrary to the more than 6 million that Bolsonarism released on social networks and supporting media. The agency has already announced that 3700 have passed in this latest edition, according to official information. There was a 44% drop in the number of participants. This drop can mean a lot, but one of them is the possible drop in support for the President after the disastrous management of the pandemic, and the recent corruption scandals at the Education Ministry.

According to some analysts, this event is configured as an early election campaign, confronting Justice as well as Daniel Silveira. Furthermore, it is an election campaign with public resources, which is an aggravating factor. Tarcísio Gomes de Freitas, Minister of the government that, as far as is known, will run as a candidate for the government of São Paulo, as he himself announced, was also there. This confrontation is part of a strategy to avoid political debate and foment his supporter base.

In Americana – São Paulo, the motorcycle’s final stop, the President made a series of statements. About the agreement of the Superior Electoral Court with Whatsapp, which postponed the launch here in Brazil of a new tool that allows the creation of groups with thousands of people – this tool will be called “community” and will be implemented after the elections. Currently, a group can only contain two hundred or so people – he said that he will work to ensure that it is not fulfilled. “Brazil will remain free, whatever the cost”, are the words of the President. It’s a return to direct confrontations with justice, like the ones we see on September 7, 2021.

Bolsonarism threatens and strains the democratic limits established by the Constitution. What will be the response of Justice?


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