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Luciano Hang dug his own grave

by | Oct 3, 2021 | Brasile | 0 comments

This week we had the participation of Luciano Hang, also called, in portuguese Veio da Havan (something as Old man of Havan), at the Parliamentary commission of inquiry (CPI). Part of the media seems to have believed that, in fact, the Parliamentary commission of inquiry had made a mistake in calling the manager, as if he had done very well, as if he had given a show. We had already expected this from the bolsonarists themselves, with the clippings they make and edit to be launched en masse in WhatsApp and Telegram groups. I believe that was Luciano Hang’s strategy. But I also believe that he simply incriminated himself. Completely built his prison for when Bolsonaro has no more strength. He lied, when you have full evidence against him.

The Parliamentary commission of inquiry is not a debate between intellectuals, or between candidates, where one does better and the other worse. It doesn’t matter if he had already prepared powerful sentences, situations or narratives. This rhetorical duel just doesn’t matter. What happened, in fact, is that all the information he gave was contradicted by videos and documents.

The businessman said he never participated in any government benefit. It’s a lie. Just check the documents of the Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES), through the transparency portal, or even do a search on the internet. He borrowed, at low interest, from the Brazilian Development Bank simply 57 times, between 1993 and 2014, according to data summarized by the brazilian newspaper Estadão. Most of this time under the government he called “communist”. That’s right, the period in which he grew the most was under the government of the Workers’ Party, with state support.

At another point, he declared that he had never taken a stand against the vaccine. Estadão also shows that he was on Instagram publishing videos directly against vaccines, in general, and mainly against Coronavac, in particular.

He even considered it “normal” to have accounts in a tax haven so as not to pay taxes. That’s not true either. That’s a crime. Almost, if not all, of their companies are offshore. And for him to confess it with a stern face, it’s a spectacular thing.

Now, when he didn’t lie, he confessed his badness. He claims to have fought for all the businessmen, when it is known that he started selling rice and beans to circumvent the social isolation measures put in place by the governments. This is unfair competition. Does it mean that he can sell certain products only in crisis situations, and in principle he does not have authorization?

Still on the sleaze, he confessed to having two documents about his mother’s death: a death certificate and another that he got, from who knows where, to show the Parliamentary commission of inquiry. There is no mother’s death by Covid-19, how? And he blamed the on-duty… What a shame.

The bottom line is that he got messed up. He goes to jail. It will take case after case, and the authorities will not let justice be ridiculed like that. And Jair Bolsonaro cannot be trusted to save himself: he has a history of not bothering to abandon his own team. He abandoned Roberto Jefferson, the truck drivers, congressman Daniel Silveira, among others. It remains, perhaps, to look for help to the “communists”, since they helped him to get rich like no other.


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