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Jô Soares: the last one

by | Aug 9, 2022 | Brasile | 0 comments

Jô Soares opened the Television and closed it. The History of TV in Brazil corresponds to his own life. Of course, there was TV before Jô. But that wasn’t it. Today’s isn’t either. He brought the US talk show to Brazil. But his program was so unusual that Americans themselves began to copy it.

The flagship not only of his program, but of all his work, was humor. I exaggerated the details. A kind of hyper-real humour, which sarcastically, or ironically, took from the details narratives that – unlike the coarse humor, full of profanity, appealing – made us laugh through correspondence, through identification. It was sort of: how could no one ever see the humor in it, it being so obvious?

Apparently, he was a sweet person, and at the same time ambitious. Unlike all the interviewers we see out there, he didn’t budge. He didn’t suck up to his interviewees. If someone went to the show and said something stupid, he wouldn’t let it go.

His irony made many interviewees uncomfortable. People feared coming across as ridiculous because of her pattern of interviews. He wasn’t just anyone, he was Jô Soares. And when he sensed this intimidation, he quickly made the atmosphere relaxed. Your technique was incredible.

He received the interviewee standing, hugged and kissed. He escorted the guest to his chair, and then went to his own. It made people feel at home. The intimidation quickly wore off. This was so natural that the interviewees, one can see, forgot that they were being interviewed. In the end, the impression given was really that of a conversation.

The secret is to be honest with yourself. He didn’t need to theatrical. He was himself in his shows. We’ve heard several who passed by say that. It wasn’t just spontaneity, or authenticity. The show was an extension of his personality. And, perhaps for this reason, he never kissed the ass of those who pay his salary, or his clients, the interviewees. He faced abuse from broadcasters that had already hired him.

Jô got bigger than his program. It was bigger than the TV. He was a giant like no other. Today, there is no one to take his place. He is one of those who put Brazil on the map, in the spotlight. He didn’t deserve such mediocrity. He is going to a better place.


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