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How parallel parties work in Brazil

by | Mar 16, 2022 | Brasile | 0 comments

Some organizations in Brazil function as true parallel or clandestine parties. Ciro Gomes was the first to coin this expression, and professor Paulo Ghiraldelli consecrated it, on other occasions, in public opinion. It refers to organizations such as Movimento Acredito, with support and funding from Jorge Paulo Lemann, a Brazilian banker; the RenovaBR movement; or even the MBL (Movimento Brasil Livre). They justify themselves as forming cadres for Brazilian politics. They have a neoliberal economic tendency, and with an ideological inclination to the right. Examples of these figures are congressman Felipe Rigoni, the first blind federal deputy in Brazil; Tabata Amaral; or even Arthur do Val and Kim Kataguiri.

I understand these organizations as parallel parties because they act organically as a traditional political party, although they do not have official and mandatory registrations, and not only as a school for training politicians. They hold deliberative meetings, combine action, votes and demonstrations. As they do not have the records, the formed cadres enter the traditional parties and simply do not follow their guidelines. Tabata Amaral, for example, has already worked for the PDT and now works for the PSB. Felipe Rigoni currently works for União Brasil. Kim Kataguiri, passed through DEM and now works for PODEMOS; Arthur do Val has a similar political biography. All of these are traditional brazilian parties.

That is, these organizations serve to mobilize in politics. Not simply for political training in general. They nurture traditional parties with cadres that then do not act according to these legalized parties but according to the movements from which they come. That’s perfectly cool. It’s not a crime or anything. But it is necessary to clarify some factors for society. As I said, some of these organizations are financed by bankers, or by businessmen. But where does the MBL money come from?

At the moment, the organization finds itself in a bad situation in public opinion. Let’s remember Kim’s lines relativizing Nazism on the Flow Podcast with Monark, an important podcast from Brazil with millions of subscribers; and the recent speeches by Arthur do Val which, as I pointed out in the previous article, demonstrate a feeling of aversion to the poor. These latest events make it clear that these parties act in their own favor, and not in accordance with the guidelines of the parties to which they are linked. That’s why these people switch parties very easily.

Now, they want the impeachment of deputy Arthur do Val, but this broader perception that they respond to a parallel party emerged within society. And this is very important. It takes place through the Public Ministry, which returned to investigate Renan, president and creator of the MBL, as the Diário de Goiás pointed out yesterday. The suspect is money laundering. To this day, no one knows how the MBL can have this movement, and go to Ukraine, for example, without declared capital. They do not present their accounts…


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