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From STF to Leonardo DiCaprio: small clashes are transformed into colossal battles

by | May 3, 2022 | Brasile | 0 comments

We all know very well how Bolsonaro takes advantage of these situations, such as the discussion with Anitta or, now, with Leonardo DiCaprio. It’s an old strategy, where he puts himself all the time fighting little battles, as if they represent the world. And not only its base contributes to transforming them into big ones, but even the press itself. That’s because, if you don’t know about the fact, the press will be accused, or the selection of news, which generates a certain discomfort and can increase even more the flame of bolsonarismo against the press itself. So everyone echoes these banalities, which turn into true storms in a teacup, available for polemics. And with that, your base has what it needs to position itself.

We’ve been in this situation for four years. The President does not inaugurate any relevant work that changes the relationship of communities with the environment, not any law that benefits some form of worker, does not prospect Brazil abroad with relevant roles and, as relevant recent research, does not work. Spends about 3 or 4 hours a day, at most, on official agendas. For lack of that, since everything is fine with Brazil itself (tell everything on Twitter, cursing, causing, making ironic and critical statements.

Suddenly, something much better appeared among the enemies that, at all times, are listed. The enemy of the time is, in fact, an enemy, given that in the Bolsonarista project there is no harmony between the powers: the Federal Supreme Court. The project of low democracy, against a policy of initiative to use strangle the institution for the command to strangle the institution to strangle it. But, how to stop, and the “state of war” not being destroyed – while the STF follows the slow time of democracy, that is, the time of resources, of crises, it cannot imagine the power of the answers – Leonardo DiCaprio falls like a glove. Bolsonaro accuses the interest of foreign companies in the Amazon, and he would then be their defender.

But the President is the same one who lets illegal mining in, deforests the Amazon, pollutes the rivers. Recall the resignation of government officials responsible for distributing data on Amazon deforestation because of government pressure to hide them. Let us remember Minister Ricardo Salles and his relationship with the extraction of wood from the Amazon. There are countless examples…

Meanwhile, Bolsonaro’s electorate is getting used to the idea that he is not the ruler, as if there are hidden forces that prevent him. This puts Bolsonaro at an advantage, for them, in the elections. They got used to the government being a form of militancy, or even an attempt at revenge. For them, the government is not public policy, it is not vaccinating the population against Covid-19, it is not building schools or hospitals, it is not creating and discussing projects to fight inflation. Government is pure ideological-political militancy: fighting communism, cultural Marxism and feminism.


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