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Four years later the economy is where it left off

by | Aug 30, 2022 | Brasile | 0 comments

Paulo Guedes is a very confusing figure. While his dollar is making money in offshores abroad, the country is stagnating and the minister is here campaigning for the reelection of Bolsonaro and, it seems, of himself. He is trying to fight inflation through high interest rates, and appears to the businessmen, as if he were not a member of the government, or responsible for what he himself denounces, and says that they have an “iron ball” in their right foot: the high interest rates themselves.

The other “iron ball”, for him, would be in his left foot: too high taxes. Interesting. Isn’t it the government that collects taxes? What are Paulo Guedes’ projects taken to Congress to reduce taxes on products consumed by workers, and not only Whey Protein and or video games?

A stagnant economy, which at one moment is the fault of the Pandemic, at another is the fault of the war in Ukraine, at still another is the fault of a power cupola that does not let the President and his team govern?

He ended his speech saying that we cannot “let the Chinese in”. Would China like to come to Brazil to produce here? Or does the country, one of our main economic partners, at least since 2006, want to buy what we sell? What can China buy, and what not? Well, this depends on an economic project that he himself, Paulo Guedes, does not make clear to the population.

(foto: Tribuna da imprensa livre)

Paulo Guedes, the genius of the economy, doesn’t have a book. He does not have an article, not even an essay. He did not participate in the economic debate before becoming a “candidate” for minister. When he left Chicago, he went to Pinochet’s Chile. He is a financial speculator, who survives on speculation and, never producing anything, does not participate in productive capitalism. What is your vision of macroeconomics? Have you walked around the States of Brazil, and do you know the economic-historical specificities of each region?

Until 2018, nobody knew who he was. He appeared for the first time articulated with Luciano Huck, when the latter wanted to be a candidate for president of Brazil. His candidacy did not succeed, despite his success as a talk show host, and then Guedes approached Bolsonaro. The latter presented him as the “Ipiranga gas station”: someone who knew all the economic issues, who knew all the solutions.

The country, after these four lost years, is at a standstill. This failure is tried to hide with lives, vulgarities in communications with journalists, obtuse answers in interviews like those on Jornal Nacional. What interests the population, I believe, are the millions of unemployed or precarious workers, the lack of industrial policy, the economic submission to the North American imperialism. History has shown, in these four years, that the economic plan was nothing more than speculation.

(foto copertina: Yahoo!finanças)


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